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Robert Krause Consulting is a modern firm that transfers the philosophy of sports to the daily business of its customers. Get your business running!

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With a solid basis of traditional values and experience, we thoroughly develop powerful, creative, and innovative concepts for marketing and distribution since 2011. On budget, measurable, and successful. Every time.

As an independent multi-channel consultancy, our international experience from industry, consulting, and service providers form the foundation of our work. Together with our customers, we build on it to design and implement alternative strategies. Our performance includes more than just developing concepts for. Beyond that, we empower you to continue the joint efforts without us and with your business.

Increasing the speed at the long term

Our collaboration relies on real motivation. Likewise, the essential sportive ambition drives us to contribute to your increased success. This is not achieved by just showing you the way, but instead by sharing it with you. As your team members or team captains, we actively participate in the process. Focusing on your goals, we execute the joint modular plan of action by stages. You significantly develop your company further thereby, while maintaining full control over the expense and extent. After all, you are in ball possession and want to stay on top of your game. Thence you should not just know, but command the concept. By heart.

Teaming up to attain goals efficiently

We want you to realize your projects fast, long-lastingly, and successfully. Our combined efforts, creativity, and professionalism count for more than the budget. The base for our model is the ambition to reach the leading position for you as our customers, while teaming up with you. What makes us special? The philosophy of sports is our guiding theme. By way of analogy, we pragmatically analyze the current state. In virtual teams, we then create a made-to-measure action plan together with you and your resources. Step by step, we at first accompany you in its execution phase. We always work in modules, so you can quickly see the training success, which also means 100% transparency and control. With the trust and confidence built up in the process, you will also be able to run without us in(to) the future. No matter how far the distance.

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Virtueller Vertrieb: klare KPIs mit realistischem Anspruch

Vertrieb in der Pharmaindustrie - Quantität für Qualität
In der Vergangenheit ging es darum, verfügbare Zeit mit möglichst qulitativen Inhalten zu füllen.
Heute geht es darum überhaupt erst einmal Zeit von der Zielgruppe zur Verfügung gestellt zu bekommen.
Wie komme ich an "Airtime" mit potenziellen Verordnern? Über welchen Kanal?
Zu welchem Anlass? Und wann weiß ich als Vertriebsorganisation, daß ich auf dem richtigen Weg bin?
RKC hilft genau an dieser Stelle.
Wir unterstützen dabei Kundenbeziehungen produktiv zu gestalten.
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